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Taxicab services, affordability and reliability


Taxicab services and e-hailing services have become greatest players in the economic developments in big cities around the globe. Taxicab services have been in existence for over a long period of time, entrusted for passenger transport service provider especial by individuals who would prefer travelling alone or in pairs, couple or a small group of three or four. This transportation service has been known by using five seater sedan vehicles in which are only available in certain designated areas, such as airports, casinos, shopping malls, in busy intercessions situated in the central business distribution.

Most of vehicles used in the taxicab service industry are of no difference from private or personal used vehicles, could it be for family or business purposes. Special markings and taxi signs which are placed on top of the vehicle marked taxi. In Gauteng, South Africa, most of vehicles don’t have a special branding, only a taxi signs are placed on top of the vehicles which are used for taxicab service, and will differentiate a cab vehicles from an ordinary one. Besides marking or brandings and taxi signs, special operators permit including insurance cover, passenger liability insurance which is a compulsory to have it before you start the taxicab service business.

Private owned taxicab companies like City Link Cabs have demonstrated a different approach in the taxicab industry as they have fully branded their vehicles, modernizing their booking system by using together website and telephone booking. Implementation of google maps as way of calculating fares, moving away from a traditional metered taxi, enables clients to work out their quote as there is a fare set per kilometer.

In some big busy cities around the world like New York and London we have seen taxicab companies painting or branding their vehicles  with one common colure. This is a way of making a difference between a car used for a taxicab services from private used vehicle.

Moving with times, we have seen the introduction of application based taxi service which are commonly known as E-hailing services. Clients downloads phone application which is used as the communication tool between the driver, client and the office. We have seen such kind of services being introduced in bigger cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, London, Britain, New York, U.S.A and some parts of the world big busy cities. E-hailing services providers are Uber and Bolt which are commonly used around the world.

Moreover there are advantages and disadvantages of using each of the above taxicab services.

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