You work hard every day of your life. From early in the morning to late in the evening you spend your hours to ensure that you get the job done at the best quality that you can deliver. The pressure and stress levels are high. And that’s why you need to break away now and then. Don’t wait until the end of the year, or until your body tells you that it is time for a weekend away. Plan these break aways ahead of time.

Planning ahead

When you plan your breaks well ahead of time you will also be able to fit all your projects and work around them to an extent. This means that you can organise your workload in advance and can clearly communicate your break aways with your colleagues or employees. Be assertive about the time that you need off to reenergise.

And if finances are a problem, then save up every month by cutting out unnecessary luxuries so that you can afford relaxing moments.

You deserve this

Today’s life is stressful with trying to balance working life and all the projects going on, reaching targets and family life, children, household chores and household finances. It’s not easy but we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We shouldn’t be. Our ancestors never worked this hard, they didn’t have the pressure and stress that we’re enduring and they had more breaks than what we do.

You deserve these breaks. Don’t feel guilty about them.


Keep in mind that these breaks are usually short, so you need to make the most of them. We tend to work until Friday afternoon, jump in the car, rush through the traffic to get to the destination – even more tired and stressed. This is not ideal.

What is ideal is to wake up Friday morning when it suits you, pack a weekend bag and then get into a City Link Cab and relax in the backseat. You can pack in a few zzzs, catch up on some reading, chat with some friends or simply enjoy the ride.

By the time that you get to your destination, you will feel so much more relaxed and can start to enjoy the beautiful views and settings when you get there.

Quality service

Because you work hard to meet all your deadlines and deliver a great service, you will appreciate the quality service that City Link Cabs has the offer. We go out of our way to ensure that our passengers are safe and sound, happy and comfortable. We will drive you wherever you want to go, but we will also warn you about dangerous places.

As City Link Cabs drivers know the areas in South Africa so well, they can communicate with the local people for a variety of reasons, like when you would like to find a certain gem, negotiate good prices, or just to ask questions.

We’re here for you every minute of the journey to your next destination.

Destination ideas

Talking about destinations. There are a couple of lovely places in South Africa that make for great quick breakaways. It all depends on where you would like to go. If you like the bushveld, why not go to Hoedspruit? This is a booming town with interesting shops in the heart of nature with a huge variety of private game reserves in the area. Hoedspruit even has its own airport, meaning that luxury is never too far away for this town.

Hoedspruit is also the gateway to the Kruger National Park. This famous park is also a great destination if you would like to go on game safaris. It has everything to offer for visitors with small budgets to people who don’t have budget restraints.

The Kruger National Park has it all. From safari drives in luxury to camping facilities for people who love to be close to nature.

If you love the bush feeling and safari drives, but don’t feel like the vast spaces of the Kruger National Park, then why not go to the Pilanesberg National Park?

This park is big enough to entertain you for as long as you want to stay, but not overwhelmingly big. It also offers the big five animals, has amazing views and you can enjoy nature at it’s best.

When you’re not that big on the wildlife, then Sun City is another great destination to consider. They offer the epitome of luxury in South Africa and is an easy to reach destination from Johannesburg or Pretoria.

You can spoil yourself with luxurious spa treatments or shopping sprees, fine dining at its best or spend thrilling evenings in the casinos. You can even be a little more adventurous with all the sporting facilities available or simply relax next to one of the pools or at the Palace of the Lost City . Luxury doesn’t have a price tag here – it’s all about being spoilt to your heart’s desire.

No excuses

So, stop thinking of excuses. Plan your breakaways ahead of time because you deserve it. And remember, we’re here to help you with amazing packages so that you don’t have any nasty financial surprises. Go ahead, book a City Link Cab now, you know you want to.

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