Chauffeur Service for Safe Shopping

Professional chauffeur service will make shopping an amazing experience where you can relax and apply some retail therapy or simply browse to your heart’s desire. Visit your favourite shopping centre and get inspired by the energy from all the people, smells, sounds and sights. So, let City Link Cabs assist you to make it a little saver.


Whether you love shopping or if it’s a necessary evil, don’t let criminals ruin your experience with their own ‘shopping spree’ – especially during ‘high crime seasons’ such as the Christmas and Easter periods. These criminals wait for shoppers to get distracted by something beautiful in the shops or with their shopping that they need to carry around.

Let one of City Link Cab drivers assist you and be on the lookout for the notorious ‘shoppers’ who is out to get your precious handbag, hard earned money, mobile device or shopping. Our driver will be on the lookout and will even push your trolley for you so that you can enjoy your shopping and focus on your retail therapy.

No parking hassles

Finding parking can be a hassle on busy weekends and holiday periods. But with City Link Cabs you don’t have to worry about finding parking, paying for the parking or having to walk all the way from the only available parking spot to the entrance of the shopping centre.

Our chauffeur driver will drop you off at the drop off point and you can immediately enter the shopping centre and start your retail therapy experience.

You also don’t have to worry whether your car will still be there when you get back. You don’t have to stress about your car being stolen through a jamming device while you’re in the shopping centre. With us, our chauffeur service is simply none of these parking hassles.

Cherry on top

The best of all is that you don’t have to drive and get stuck in the traffic on your way to or from the shopping centre! You can sit back and relax, scrolling through your social media platforms to ensure that you haven’t missed anything important, or you could simply read a book while we drive you where you want to be.

Popular shopping centres

Do you have a popular shopping centre that you want to visit, or would you like to explore some of the great shopping malls in Gauteng. Here is a list of popular shopping centres to tick off from your must-visit places list.


Johannesburg East

Eastgate Shopping Centre has over 200 stores and is located in Bedfordview.

East Rand Mall has more than 160 stores and is located in Boksburg.

Greenstone Shopping Centre is in Edenvale and has  more than 150 stores to choose from.


Johannesburg South

The Glen Shopping Centre can be found in Oakdene and has 240 stores.

Mall of the South has over 160 stores and is in Aspen Lakes, Johannesburg South.


Johannesburg West

Westgate Shopping Centre boasts with 167 stored and can be found in Roodepoort.

Clearwater Mall has a whopping 218 stores and is in Strubens Valley, Roodepoort.


Johannesburg North

Rosebank Mall, located in Rosebank, is one of the biggest malls in Johannesburg and has over 400 stores.

Sandton City – you haven’t shopped unless you’ve been to one of Sandton City’s 376 stores.

Fourways Mall, in Fourways, offers a great shopping experience with 400 stores.



Mall of Africa is one of the ‘youngest’ malls in the greater Johannesburg area with over 300 stores and can be found in Midrand.



Centurion Mall, located in Centurion, has 220 stores.

Irene Village Mall is a quant mall with an interesting experience with its 84 stores and can be found in Centurion.


Pretoria East

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is one of the biggest shopping centres in Gauteng and features over 500 stores. This mall in Menlyn is a must-visit for any serious shopper.

Brooklyn Mall is in Brooklyn, close to Hatfield, and has 209 stores.


Pretoria North

Kolonnade Shopping Centre is located in Montana Park and offer 153 stores to choose from.


With City Link Cabs it’s like having your personal butler, chauffeur and driver all in one. From here to there – we’ll drive you anywhere!

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