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Cab services booking at  City Link Cabs is as easy as spelling your name, going to our website complete your details and someone will contact you directly to discuss your exact needs, fares and destination while offering a free advice on getting an affordable and reliable cab service. No need to download an app! And we take your safety seriously!

Easy booking

We’ve made booking with City Link Cabs easy. No need to download an app, and you also don’t have to enter your personal details or credit card details in a place where you don’t know if you can trust the platform.

You can speak directly with a person in case you have any questions or queries and don’t have to go through a call centre where people don’t know what is going on, or a robotic system with pre-recorded messages. With City Link Cabs, you will be dealing with real people – cutting out all the frustrations that go with booking platforms.

Request a driver

Not only will you know who your driver is, you will also be able to request a specific driver, meaning you can choose your driver is. And you won’t have to guess if you’re getting into the right vehicle or not.


Your safety is our biggest concern. We want to ensure that you are safe throughout your entire journey with us. First of all, we will pick you up in a branded vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t feature the official City Link Cabs branding, it’s not us and you won’t get into the wrong vehicle.

Seeing that we know the major routes and towns well, we’ll make sure that we take the safest route for you. We will also advice if your destination is not in a safe area and may suggest safer alternatives. No need to rely on your GPS to get you to your destination and then going through unsafe and dodgy places.

Life is unpredictable and if there are any route closures, we’ll get you to the destination via an alternative route that is safe and secure.

Talk about safety – we will even ensure that your property that you may have left in the vehicle get to you as soon as possible. That’s how important your safety and that of your property is to us.


You will have peace of mind that City Link Cab are reliable and on time. When we say that we will pick you up at a certain place, date and time, we will do it. If, for some reason we cannot make it on time, like when there is a major traffic pile up, we will let you know. And if you need us to wait for you, we will do exactly that – wait for you as per our agreement. We will stay in contact with you as needed.


No need to guess how much we will charge you. The rate we give you is the rate you will pay – we don’t chop and change as we feel like it. This makes it easier for you to budget in advance. We also go to great lengths to ensure that our fees stay as low and as affordable as possible.

Fixed fee

Another great advantage with City Link Cabs is the opportunity to negotiate a fixed fee for certain routes. This will make it much easier to budget all your transport need in advance – taking the guessing out of the equation.

Monthly options

With City Link Cabs you can park your car and don’t have to worry about sitting in the traffic. We will pick you up at your home, take you to work, the kids to school – whatever your needs are – and we will drive you back home again. Or if you just need somebody to take the kids to school or extramural activities, we will ensure that they get to their destination or home safe and sound – whether it is music classes, game practise, extra classes or simply to a friend’s house – we’ve got you.


Thinking of using us more often? Then, why not negotiate a better deal with us? We’re here for you and we are more than happy to discuss the different options and negotiate a better deal with you (within limits, of course). We know that times are tough and we’re here for you – driving you where you need to be without charging an arm and a leg.

Local languages

Tourists and visitors can rest assure that we know many of the local languages and can communicate with most of the communities when needs be. As we take our passengers’ safety very seriously, we will also assist, where necessary, with local currency and purchases with local members of the community.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve got you! From here to there – we’ll drive you anywhere!


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