Africa! At her best

What is about Africa that is so luring? What is about her that makes us want to experience her beautiful environment again and again? Maybe it’s her captivating sunsets, majestic wildlife or simply returning to our roots within Mother Nature.

Bushveld calling

Just being in the bush relaxes our mind, body and soul. Breathing in the smells of what nature has to offer, from green leaves, tall grass to the dust swept up by the slight breeze moving through the veld. Close your eyes and know that you’re home – where you belong. If this is you, you have to read on.

At a place where birds sing happily and alive to announce the sun breaking over the horizon to the grateful notes of another day ending in the bush at dusk. Mozzies waking up from their afternoon siesta and cicadas that don’t know when to stop their buzzing sounds during the hottest times of the day. This is Africa.

Add to that the roar of a lion at nighttime that sends shivers down your spine. The laugh of hyena close by or the chirpy neigh of a few zebras. The haa-ha-de-dah call of the hadida or the distinctive sound of the ‘voice of Africa’ – the fish eagle.

A crackling fire at night, stories about legends, your favourite drink in your hand and sounds of the bushveld. Does your soul long for these moments? Do you have the urge to break away for a few days? Don’t procrastinate any longer. Make your move – book your place now. And don’t worry how you’ll get there. City Link Cabs will gladly take you there.

Mosetlha Bush Camp and Eco Lodge

In the heart of Madikwe Game Reserve, close to the Botswana border, is the place where you want to be – Mosetlha Bush Camp and Eco Lodge. Imagine being transported to this exquisite lodge while you relax in the chauffeur driven car or coach. You don’t have to stress about how you’ll get there or whether you’ll get lost along the way.

Once you are at the lodge, you will be transported to the rustic, unfenced bush camp in time to enjoy a scrumptious lunch. You will settle in one of the raised wooden cabins surrounded by untouched bushveld with the campfire, lapa and dining area in the middle.

Soon your guide takes you on safari to experience the main stars of the reserve. Expect to see lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, African wild dog among the rulers of the veld. Of course, you could also see impala, kudu, giraffe or any of the 60 large mammal species that naturally lives in the reserve. There are also over 475 bird species that adds to the song of the bushveld.

Being one of South Africa’s largest game reserves, the malaria-free reserve holds many surprises during your safari adventure and you never know what to expect around the next bend.

Game drives

Guests at Mosetlha are spoilt with two four-hour long games drives every day. One early in the morning and one late in the afternoon. The experienced guides will treat you with a variety of sights and sounds before returning to a hearty breakfast or a delicious dinner. Around the campfire is where you can share your experiences of the day and listen to the night sounds. The rustle in the grass close by could be a curious bushbaby, a duiker or a scavenging hyena.


The coolness and the smell of thatched wooden cabins do something to evoke calmness from within. These cabins are partly open and arranged to give you the best bush experience. To add to the African touch, there is no electricity and therefore no wifi or TV to distract you from nature.

Standalone cabins have their own private toilet and shower with heated water through an old-fashioned ‘donkey boiler’.

Let’s go!

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